State-owned Transmitters and Communications company opens refurbished office building

Photo NSL MIN 26-09_17.jpg

The state-owned Transmitters and Communications (OiV) company on Tuesday formally opened its newly refurbished office building in Zagreb after over six million kuna (0.8 million euro) was invested in its reconstruction.

In attendance at the ceremony were Transport and Infrastructure Minister Oleg Butkovic and State Property Management Minister Goran Maric.

Addressing the ceremony, the OIV director Mate Botica said that one of the most important short-terms plans of the company would be to put to the test digital radio with state-of-art technology in the next two months.

He also spoke about the project of detection and prevention of fires in early stages.

Botica  announced plans for the construction of broadband aggregation networks, and Minister Butkovic added that EU funds had been secured for that purpose in the areas where there was no interest of commercial operators.

Currently, OiV employs 298 workers and finished the first half of 2017 in the black.