Overflights in Croatia's air space up

Photo HKZP_go.jpg

A record high number of air navigation operations was recorded in Croatia's airspace under the jurisdiction of the Croatia Control Ltd (HKZP) company since the beginning of the summer and the highest number of daily overflights since Croatia gained independence (2,504) was recorded on August 18.

Capacity was up 11 per cent on the year, while delay per flight was reduced from 0.53 to 0.3 minutes, HKZP said earlier in the week. Air traffic in the region was down three to eight per cent.

July 7 was another record day, with 2,418 flights and only 1,934 minutes of delay.

"These results will strengthen Croatia's image as a desirable tourist destination which can be reached without delay or major air traffic problems," said the HKZP.

It recalled that the European Commission determined that the goal in 2012 was a 0.7 minute delay per flight throughout Europe. Croatia's average of 0.3 minute "is very valuable for Croatia's accession to the European Union and proving the value of Croatian products and services," HKZP said.