Court bans strike at Zagreb airport

Photo ZracnaLukaZagrebPleso.jpg
A court on Friday ordered all four striking unions of Zagreb Airport (ZLZ) workers to stop their industrial action, so that the airport was expected to resume flights shortly.

The first stage of the strike began at 10:00 hours on Thursday and was to have ended at midnight on Friday. The second stage was announced for November 26 at 00:00 hours until November 28 at midnight, and the third stage for December 2 until fulfilment of the strikers' demands.

Speaking to the press after the announcement of the court ruling, ZLZ Board Chairman Miroslav Drljaca said that preparations were under way to ensure normal operations and that the airport was expected to reopen shortly. He said this did not mean an end to the efforts to ensure protection of workers' rights in the process of acquisition by a French concessionaire.

On the second day of their action, the strikers demanded written guarantees that they would not be stripped of their rights under the collective agreement once they were transferred to daughter companies of the future concessionaire - Zagreb International Airport.