Croatian rail operator not cancelling lines to region's countries

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Croatian Railways (HZ) Passenger Transport said on Thursday it was not cancelling international lines to countries in the region and that it was not isolating those countries, but adapting to market circumstances.

The company said compensation from the state budget for the difference between revenue and expenditure was paid only for domestic transport, while international transport was completely based on market principles.

Analyses show that 46 of the 56 international lines make HRK 38.6 million in losses per year and that the average number of passengers on those trains is 31.

The company said it neither could nor wanted to ignore those figures, as they were at the direct expense of the taxpayers, and that it had notified the international rail companies it cooperated with.

The company said it was not isolating the countries in the region and that foreign rail companies were offered the possibility to use HZ railways under market conditions.

In the 2012-13 period, the company will not cancel transport to the countries in the region. Also, every day a pair of trains will operate between:

In the summer, one pair of trains will operate between Budapest and Split, and between Sarajevo and Ploce.

Twelve international trains are envisaged in the new timetable and it is estimated that they will transport 91 passengers per train on average.