Gov't dismisses management board of Croatia's motorway operator

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The former management board of Croatia's motorway operator HAC was dismissed because they didn't do their job and this was not a political decision, Maritime Affairs, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Sinisa Hajdas Doncic said after Thursday's cabinet meeting.

Hajdas Doncic put forward a recommendation to the cabinet to dismiss the HAC management board. In support of his recommendation, the minister said he was not satisfied with "how the now former employees tended to their duties and that's that." He expected the new board to accelerate procedures to set up a new company to manage the maintenance and tolls on motorways.

The new company should be founded within the next 2 months and retain an optimal number of employees to function successfully and manage HAC and Rijeka-Zagreb motorway operator ARZ, and other tasks in the future.

The new board will be required to restructure the parent company and if ARZ is monetised, HAC will supervise the concession and complete those projects that will not be given out in the concession.

HAC will also be responsible for future projects such as the continuation of the Vc transport corridor from Ploce to the Hungarian border in Beli Manastir and to develop the most profitable section of the future Zagreb ring road.

HAC is expected to be actively involved in developing European transport corridors that will be 85% funded by EU funds.