H1 motorway toll proceeds increase 10.4%

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Over 33.1 million cars passed along Croatian motorways in the first half of 2017, which was a rise of 7.6% compared to H1 2016, and the four concession-holders that manage Croatia's motorways generated an income of HRK 1.13 billion from road tolls without Value Added Tax (VAT), which was a 10.4% increase on the year, the Croatian association of toll motorways concessionaires HUKA has stated.

The toll proceeds thus rose by 106.6 million kuna.

The highest jump in income, of 10.7%, was generated by Hrvatske Autoceste (HAC), with revenues in the amount of HRK 695.7 million without VAT.

HAC manages a total of 925 kilometres out of 1,313 kilometres of motorways in the country.

Autocesta Rijeka-Zagreb (ARZ), which namages 187 kilometres, generated revenues of HRK 260 million, up 9.9% in H1 2017.

Bina Istra, which manages 141 kilometres, collected 88.2 million kuna from tolls, a rise of 10.9%.

The Autocesta Zagreb-Macelj (AZM) company manages the 60-kilometre Zagreb-Macelj motorway, and it collected 88 million kuna from tolls, a rise of 8.9% on the year.

In the first half of 2017, the number of traffic accidents on motorways fell by 4.1% to 1,181. There were four fatalities (79% fewer than in H1 2016), and 140 people sustained injuries in those accidents (down 38%). In H1 2016, as many as 19 were killed in motorway accidents and 227 were injured.