The British citizen rescued in the Adriatic Sea

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The national headquarter for search and rescue at sea (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre - MRCC Rijeka) have notified the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure that the (coordinated) search and rescue operation for the missing person from the passenger ship „Norwegian Star" in the waters of the Lošinj island Lošinj have been successfully completed.

A dramatic maritime, land and air search for missing E.L. (born in 1972), British citizen, was launched on Thursday, August 19 at 02.17 am after the report of the commander of the ship "Norwegian Star" (flag of the Bahamas) about the missing person had been filed.

According to his report, the accident happened during the sail between Pula and Venice, at 25 nautical miles southwest of the Mali Lošinj, 45 nautical miles south-east of Pula.

Immediately upon receipt of the announcement, MRCC Rijeka officials initiated coordinated search and rescue operation with the officers of the Rijeka Harbour Master's Office. The Coast Guard also participated in the operation with two patrolling vessels and the search aircraft. The aircraft joined the search immediately after the dawn of the day after the accident.

All participants in maritime traffic within the search area were informed about the search for the missing passenger. The information was transmitted in the form of a message of urgency (MAYDAY RELAY). Some of them were involved in the search, like ships „Zadar“ and „Celebrity Constellations“. The "Norwegian Star" was also included during the whole time of the search and rescue operation.

Considering that the search operation throughout the night did not give results, at 03.12 am MRCC Rijeka officials established communication with colleagues from MRCC Roma (Republic of Italy), upon a request to engage the Italian Search and Rescue (SAR) aircraft, which is equipped for night search.

After the retrospective inspection of the supervisory cameras on the "Norwegian Star", the exact time of the fall in the sea, as well as the position of the fall, were determined with precision. Due to new information the perimeter of the search operation was corrected at 05.20 am.

As colleagues from the Italian MRCC Roma reported that they did not have an available aircraft, the MRCC proceeded with the preparation of the engagement of the „Pilatus“ Coast Guard's aircraft which flew off in the early morning (06.42 am).

The officers of the Rijeka Harbour Master's Office, who had been searching the waters of Mali Lošinj with their own rescue boat, sent the information on finding the missing female person in the sea near Mali Lošinj to the MRCC Rijeka. The missing person was found at 09.40 am.

Immediately after the identification, she was transferred to the patrol ship of the Croatian Coast Guard named 'Cavtat'. The saved person was transported to Pula where she was provided with additional medical assistance by the local Emergency Medical Aid Service.

The MRCC Rijeka has informed all units about finding the missing person, thus successfully completing the search and rescue operation.