Nine Atlantska Plovidba ships given AMVER award

Photo Atl pl09.jpg
The Atlantska Plovidba shipping company on Thursday reported that nine ships owned by that company were awarded the AMVER US coastguard recognition for 2011.

AMVER or Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue was founded in 1958 for the US coast guard and represents a voluntary global system of reporting with ships with the aim of rescuing people at sea.

AMVER is awarded to ships that while sailing out of port along the US coast regularly report meteorological conditions, their location, route, speed and any information concerning medical care available on the ship which can be of use to the US coast guard to involve the ship during rescue missions. This system facilitates AMVER to save up to 300 lives in a year.

The Dubrovnik based Atlantska Plovidba was awarded for nine of its ships, a press release notes.