PM Kosor opens work on maritime passenger terminal in Sibenik

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Sibenik, March 15 2011 - Prime Minister Kosor opened today construction works of the maritime passenger terminal at the pier Vrulje, and pointed out that the upgrading of the pier Vrulje is one of the projects presented by this Government in its Program, as the startup of the Croatian investment cicle (foto FaH /ts)Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor on Tuesday opened work on a maritime passenger terminal in Sibenik, an investment project worth 12 million euros to be secured by the Sibenik Port Authority through a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Kosor said that the expansion of the Vrulje Pier was one of the projects included in the government's programme aimed at boosting investment in the country, and that it was important for the economy and tourism of Sibenik-Knin County.

Kosor said that the government secured some 500 million euros for similar projects from the northern port city of Rijeka to the southern city of Dubrovnik.
Sibenik, March 15 2011 - along PM Kosor at the opening ceremony of the work on the pier Vrulje also attended (from left) capt. Mario Babić, State Secretary for the Sea, capt. Josko Nikolic, Director of the Maritime Safety, Protection of the Sea and the Inland Waters, Bozidar Kalmeta, Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Duro Popijac, Minister of the Economy, PM Kosor, Gordan Pauk, Prefect of the Sibenik-Knin county, Branko Bacic, Minister of the Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction, parliamentarians, representatives of the city and county governments, Port authorities and representatives of the contractor (foto FaH /ts)
The Sibenik Port Authority will repay the EBRD loan over a period of 15 years with a four-year grace period.

The expansion of the pier will make it possible for ships of up to 260 metres in length and ferries and cruise ships of up to 200 metres in length to dock in Sibenik harbour, which in turn will enable faster development of the local tourist industry. The work is to be completed by 2014.

Commenting on the current situation in the country, Kosor said that, regardless of all the difficulties, the government would continue implementing its economic recovery programmes and that all the planned investment projects would be carried out.