Government declares Rijeka Gateway strategic project

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The government on Thursday declared a project to build a cargo terminal in the northern Adriatic port of Rijeka - Rijeka Gateway - a strategic project as it contributes to the construction and modernisation of the Rijeka port and to the Croatian economy in general, making it more dynamic and competitive.(foto: FaH, Miljenko Klepac)

Economy Minister Ivan Vrdoljak said the construction of the terminal would contribute to the indirect employment of 1,500 people, while directly it would create 310 jobs.

The construction of the Rijeka Gateway is an investment of the Rijeka Port Authority and the concession holder. Minister Vrdoljak said the construction of the new terminal is planned in two phases - in the first phase, a 400-metre-long terminal would be built, and in the second, it would be extended to 680 metres, with a total capacity of 600,000 tonnes.

The project is worth HRK 1.6 billion.

Also built will be a new road, D-403, to connect the terminal with the Rijeka ring road, which will be financed through EU funds and European banks.

The railway infrastructure will be financed through World Bank loans, EU funds and European banks.