In Puntizela German girl died while diving

Photo lkpu-liro077.jpg

The Pula Harbour Master's officers found yesterday before noon the girl's body in a diving suit on the coast of the peninsula Puntizela, and was assumed that she died by a motor yacht in the Fazana channel.

It was found that she is a German female citizens J.K., born in 1998, and the accident, according to eyewitnesses, occurred today just after 11 am, when it was reported by the Pula Harbour Master's office to the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure.

Employees of Pula Harbour Master's office found the body of the dead German girl in diving suit at the coast of the peninsula Puntizela, opposite to the island Kozada.

In the Division for Emergency Medical Services County of Istria, where she was transported, it was found that German girl died due to severe and fatal injury and of amputations of the body parts.

The investigation was therefore directed towards motor yacht "Kon Tiki 1" of the Italian flag, length of 13.68 meters and engine power of 330 kW, owned by L.F. from Italy, which were seen to float nearby just a few minutes after the accident occured.

The investigative actions conducted by the State Attorney of the Istra County together with the staff of the Harbour Master's office and the Marine Police Officers.