Nautical Ports - 1% Less Guests and 1% More Night Stays

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Croatian nautical ports registered in this year's first ten months a 1% decrease in guest arrivals and a 1% increase in night stays, as compared to the same period last year. This data was provided by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

The total number of tourists who stayed at nautical ports during that period mounts up to 769 800 with registered 1.13 million night stays.

Foreign guests realized 94 % of the total number of arrivals and night stays at nautical ports, showing a 3% decrease in arrivals as compared to last year. The number of foreign night stays (1.06 million) remained the same as in 2004.

Domestic guests at nautical ports, with 48 300 arrivals and 63 100 night stays, registered a 21% and 31% increase.

In the defined period, three of the six Adriatic counties registered weaker results, as compared to 2004 (Primorje – Gorski Kotar, Istria and Dubrovnik-Neretva), while the other three counties (Zadar, Šibenik – Knin and Split – Dalmatia) registered an increase in visits to their nautical ports.

Most tourists, a total of 230 100 (minus by 1% over 2004), visited the nautical ports of the Šibenik – Knin County. During the same time those tourists realized 329 800 night stays, which is a 9% increase as compared to the first ten months in 2004.

The nautical ports of the Zadar County, registered the highest increase with 158 600 tourist arrivals (plus by 5% over 2004) and 206 600 tourist night stays (plus by 15% over 2004).

The ports of the Split – Dalmatian County hosted 150 600 nautical tourists (plus by 3% over 2004) and registered 183 600 night stays (plus by 7% over 2004).

Istrian nautical ports counted 4% less arrivals (total of 104 600 tourists) and 6% less night stays (total of 185 400 night stays).

The nautical ports of the Primorje - Gorski Kotar County were visited, till the end of October, by 67 100 guests (minus by 11% over 2004) realizing 130 700 night stays (minus by 22% over 2004).

Another set-back was registered at the ports of the Dubrovnik – Neretva County with 58 700 tourists (minus by 11% over 2004) and 94 900 night stays (minus by 8% over 2004). (Hina)