Active2Public Transport project (A2PT)

Better combining cycling, walking and public transport in the Danube region.

Why Active2Public Transport?
Europe will not achieve a climate-neutral transport sector simply by replacing conventional vehicles by electric cars. Policy measures for passenger transport need to have a stronger focus on supporting a multimodal shift towards active and public transport. Cycling and walking are the most energy efficient and the only truly carbon-free means of transport especially on short distances. By better linking active and public transport it will be possible to even provide attractive alternatives for car trips on medium and longer distances. Solutions developed and tested in the project will help to overcome the existing gaps of the multimodal transport system and will include all forms of active travel to any public transport station. This includes parking, bike carriage while riding bus or train or getting away easily from the public transport station e.g. by bike sharing or simply walking.

What are the main project outcomes to be expected after 30 month of cooperation?
A2PT Action Plans: The Danube Active2Public Transport Action Plan supported by national and regional action plans will provide the strategic framework to improve the connectedness of A2PT in transport nodes systematically and towards contemporary mobility hubs.

A2PT Toolbox & Pilots: A unique Active2Public Transport online toolbox will provide guidance for the implementation of innovative solutions to overcome common gaps in the multimodal transport system. This toolbox will show how to upscale existing state of the art solutions enriched by the experiences from pilot actions of the Active2Public Transport project all over the Danube region.

Who are we?
11 partners from 9 countries will work together for 30 month to inspire the experts of all involved organisations (local, regional, national public authorities and agencies, NGOs, service and infrastructure providers) to overcome their traditionally narrow, unimodal - often car-oriented - focus. The project’s aims to initiate more and better A2PT services and infrastructure within the partner regions and even beyond the limited geographical area of the pilot implementations.

Total: 2,856,023.50 EUR
Interreg Funds: 2,284,818.80 EUR

Supported by Danube Region Programme
Programme priority: A greener, low-carbon Danube Region
Specific objective 2.1: Support greening the energy and transport sectors in the Danube Region by enhancing the integration of renewable energy sources
Project duration: 1. 1. 2024 - 30. 6. 2026

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Lead Partner:
Österreichische Energieagentur - Austrian Energy Agency
Irene Bittner
T:+43 (0)664 - 965 92 62
Mariahilfer Straße 136
1150 Wien