Hydrographic Activity

Hydrographic activity in the Republic of Croatia is regulated by the Hydrographic Activity Act (Official Gazette 68/98, 110/98, 163/03, 71/14) and following  by-laws adopted according to this Act: Ordinance on conditions and methods of performing a hydrographic survey by authorized legal personnel (Official Gazette 120/18) and Ordinance on official maritime navigational charts and publications, their contents, methods and conditions of production, issuance and maintenance (Official Gazette  42/16).

Croatian Hydrographic Institute is established according to the Law on Hydrographic Activity (Official Gazette 68/98, 110/98, 163/03, 71/14) as a legal entity for conducting hydrographic activities of the interest to the Republic of Croatia:
CIRCULAR - Use of official navigational charts and publications for boats and yachts in Internal Waters, Territorial Sea and Protected Ecological and Fishing Zone  of the Republic of Croatia and official hydrographic data copyright restrictions (.pdf)