Ongoing Construction Activities along Route A3 Bregana - Županja – Lipovac

The last passage of the motorway A3 Bregana-Zagreb-Lipovac, from Županja to Lipovac (29.4 km long) which is still under construction, should be finalized by September 2006, according to information published by the Croatian Motorways (Hrvatske autoceste – HAC).

The Motorway A3 Bregana – Zagreb – Lipovac is 305 km long and represents a part of the Xth Transeuropean Transport Corridor. The construction of its last passage, which began in 2004, will cost EUR 91 million.

The costs for the construction of the whole motorway are being covered by loans granted to the Republic of Croatia by the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – in the total value of EUR 45 million.

The HAC also stated that the southern lane from Županja to Lipovac was finalized by the end of 2005 and that it was opened for traffic in December.
Currently, construction activities are being performed along the northern lane, built via the existing State Road D4. Objects which still remain to be constructed are two overpasses, four bridges, three crossings and the hub ‘Lipovac’.

The first subpassage includes the route from Županja to Spačva and the second subpassage the route from Spačva to Lipovac. The whole route from Županja to Spačva is being built as a full-profile motorway with two divided lanes. The route from hub ‘Lipovac’ to the international boarder passing ‘Bajakovo’, 1.3 km long, will have three lines on each side in order to disburden boarder activities – that part is also still under construction. 

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