Rijeka Airport introducing new flights


This year Rijeka Airport is connected with 25 destinations in Europe and Israel as well as 15 additional charter destinations in Scandinavia, the company said on Monday, adding that more destinations could be introduced by the end of this summer season.

This summer Rijeka Airport became the base for the newly-established Limitless Airways charter company, founded by Scandjet Travel, which was founded by the Scandjet Aviation Group in 2012 to transport Swedish and Finnish tourists to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Italy.

In preparation for this season, Rijeka Airport reorganised flights in line with Schengen Area requirements.

The airport's security is being upgraded as part of the ADRIAIR cross-border project, co-financed with European Union funds, to align it with regulations of the EU, the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, umbrella air traffic authorities, and the Schengen Area.