Zadar Port authority satisfied with safety

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Adriatic port authorities' interventions have been halved compared with last year, and considering the fact that traffic has been reduced by 30% we are satisfied with the situation regarding safety, state secretary in the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Josip Bilaver, said on Monday in Zadar.

He underlined that the most common offences on the sea were related to speed boats being closer to the shore than 300 metres.

"We are in particular warning them to take note of swimmers and to not sail within less than 300 metres from the shore because this is where the most accidents occur. We inspect all vessels on the sea to see if they are in a proper condition and if their documents are valid. We want to call for responsibility by all participants and to point out the need for education and warn them about the things they need to check and that their vessels are in proper order, to check weather conditions and the like.", said Bilaver.

He added that it was impossible for port authorities to be present on all the islands, every beach, every inlet at the same  time. "That is why we caution speed boat drivers and jet skiers to keep away from the shore because we have seen that the most accidents occur due to jet skiers of speed boats running into divers, swimmers and others.", he said.