Turnover in Croatian Fixed Telephony Falls but Rises in Mobile Telephony

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In 2005, the turnover on the fixed telephone market in Croatia fell by 7.9 percent while the turnover in mobile telephony services climbed by 27.9 percent, the National Statistical Office (DZS) has reported.

Last year, Croatians spent 9.86 billion minutes using fixed telephony networks, as against 10.7 billion minutes in 2004.

The fall on the internal market was eight percent while international call services by Croatians saw a fall of 4.8 percent.

With regard to mobile telephony services, Croatians spent over 2.8 billion minutes, with 2.7 billion minutes on the internal market.

The number of sent SMS (Short Message Services) text messages rose by 6.4 percent to almost 2.43 billion, with a 233.3 percent climb in the sent MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services) messages which were still at a low 10 million. (Hina) 

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