Minister Butković visited the construction site of Učka Tunnel's second tube

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Transport and Infrastructure Minister Oleg Butković on Friday visited the construction site of Učka Tunnel's second tube, saying that state-of-the-art technology is being used and that 800 metres have been drilled on the Istrian and 400 on the Kvarner side.
Butković said he was "impressed" by what he saw and that the works "are proceeding very well," adding that 1.2 kilometres of the 5.6-kilometre long tunnel has been drilled for the second tube.
He said the project was worth €200 million and that the second tube should be built by mid-2023 and inaugurated by mid-2024.
The minister said 400 workers were building the second tunnel tube and that this was a big project which had positive effects on GDP, economic growth and traffic safety.
In order to complete the whole project, he said, works are under way in cooperation with the Bina Istra company to complete the dual carriageway of the Istrian Y motorway to Matulji, including two viaducts, Limska Draga and Mirna, which are single carriageway.
Bina Istra director general Dario Silić said that by building the second tube of Učka Tunnel, the company would increase the tunnel's security and compliance with a 2004 EU directive.