EU ministers call for coordinated approach to applications for virus tracking

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EU ministers in charge of telecommunications said at a video conference on Tuesday that a coordinated approach was required to the use of mobile applications for tracking the spread of the coronavirus.

The ministers discussed the use of mobile applications and mobility data in stemming the coronavirus epidemic.

he meeting was chaired by the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Minister, Oleg Butkovic who talked about coordinated approach that is required in use of the mobile applications, due to the tracking of the spread of the coronavirus: "In that context, we have tu underline the need for a coordinated approach at EU level and the role of such applications in the gradual easing of restrictions.". - Minister Butkovic said, and added that the crisis had shown that national and European high-capacity digital infrastructure was essential in times of crisis.

In attendance at the meeting were also European Commission Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager and Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton.

Breton pointed to the importance of all digital technologies, including applications for contact tracking, which he said would enable a safe and protected system regardless of one's location in the EU or type of device.

Vestager said that the coronavirus crisis had revealed the benefit of relying on digital technology to maintain many important social and economic aspects of life.

The ministers concluded that the digital sector was key to the fight against the pandemic and that it would have a key role in economic recovery as well.