Coastal and Maritime Transport Agency reports HRK 323.9m in 2019 revenue

The government on Thursday adopted a report on the Coastal and Maritime Transport Agency's business operations in 2019, in which it generated HRK 323.9 million in revenue and HRK 324.4 million in expenditure.

As Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butkovic said, shippers that operated profitable lines paid HRK 5.5 million into the 2019 budget based on variable concession fees and HRK 130,000 based on fixed concession fees.

Shippers that maintained routes without the compulsory public (seasonal) lines paid in HRK 594,100 in fees.

Based on overpaid subsidies, shippers conducting public transport services of general economic interest paid HRK 611,700 into the 2019 state budget.

Payments for island passes and privileged transport contributed a total of HRK 4.4 million to the budget.