Air transport registered 15.6% more passengers in first six months

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According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, during the first six months in 2005 air transport registered 883 000 passengers, achieving a 15,6% increase over the same period last year.

This increase of passengers in Croatia was based on a higher number of passengers in the international air transport (up 23.5% over 2004).
Simultaneously, the domestic air transport registered a decrease of carried passengers by 2.6%, which makes a total of 226 000 passengers in the first six months.

Air freight transport registered 2.677 tonnes of goods, which is a loss by 0.2% compared to 2004.
The domestic air freight transport carried 703 tonnes of goods, which is an increase by 11.9% compared to last year. The international air freight transport recorded a decrease of 3.4%.

Croatian airports reported the transit of 29 702 airplanes during the first six months, achieving an increase by 23.3% compared to last year. The greater part of this boost was the result of more foreign planes arriving at domestic airports (up 41.9% over 2004).

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