JASPERS okays co-funding of Croatian project to renew HZ railcar fleet

JASPERS, the EU administrative body for Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions, has given a green-light for financing a project to renew the fleet of the Croatian rail company 'HZ Putnicki Prijevoz (HZPP)', the Croatian transport and infrastructure ministry stated on Thursday.

HZ Putnicki Prijevoz, specialised in passenger transport by rail, is to procure 21 new electric trains in 2020, and the project is worth 1.29 billion kuna.

Under this scheme, 85% of acceptable project costs will be secured from the European Union's cohesion funds, and the remaining 15% will come from the state budget.

The transport and infrastructure ministry says that of the 21 trains to be bought, 11 would be used for commuter transport and 10 for regional transport.

The procurement will facilitate the HZ PP's efforts to replace its old fleet of railcars.


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