Government grants 30-year concession for Porto Baroš marina to ACI-Gitone

A 30-year concession for the construction and commercial use of the Porto Baroš marina in Rijeka has been granted to the ACI-Gitone company, while a state-owned property on Ugljan island will be put up for sale starting at HRK 79.8 million, the government decided on Thursday.
The concession for the Porto Baroš marina will cover 105,000 square metres. The fixed amount of the concession fee is HRK 5 per square metre or about HRK 530,000 annually, Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butković said at the cabinet meeting.
"After 15 years, the fixed part of the concession fee will be increased every five years by HRK 2 per square metre, which is a total of HRK 22.2 million for the entire duration of the concession. The variable part of the concession fee payable by the concessionaire is 4% of revenue," the minister said.
ACI-Gitone was the only company to make an offer for Porto Baroš. It plans to invest HRK 363.7 million in the project and hire 128 workers.
The government also granted a 20-year concession to the Kali Tuna company for tuna farming between the islets of Fulija and Kudica in the Iški Kanal channel, off the central Adriatic city of Zadar. The fixed amount of the concession fee offered was HRK 1.01 per square metre, or HRK 212,000 annually.
(€1 = HRK 7.515837)